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We believe that a successful business and brand strategy are inseparable. The brand process is vital regardless of the size of your company, large or small because having a brand strategy is a key business differentiator. Successful brands are championed by everyone, paid attention, change with the times, inspire loyalty and most important of all, create wealth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a micro-brewery or a global logistics company, if you follow a simple set of rules you can become a powerful and successful brand.

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Explorer brands

Patagonia, for instance is a legendary brand among outdoor adventurers. Its values, one of which is truth, are baked in because a passionate climber founded the company when he was deeply concerned about the damage his sport was causing to pristine rock faces.

The success of an ever growing adventure line is driven by a single value based philosophy – “Build the best products while creating no unnecessary environmental harm.” This was exemplified when the company placed an ad in the New York Times asking people to buy less of everything, including its own products. “Don’t buy this jacket”, says the headline alongside its R2 coat. The copy then explains, in complete honesty how the R2, and everything Patagonia makes is bad for the environment.

Ironically, sales increased by 30%.