Imagine your brand is a ship; you’re lost and caught in an angry storm of commerce. The celestial sign posts that normally guide you to safety are shrouded in stormy clouds of market uncertainty and the waves of competition are crashing down all around.

Now if you could have one thing to save and guide you to calmer waters what would it be?

A brand compass of course!

Amidst all this uncertainty and turmoil it becomes an invaluable tool for charting the right course.

It’s a fountain of brand authenticity comprising 5 core insights behind the decisions of every truly authentic brand. In short a brand compass represents the ‘why’ ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your brand.

The reason your brand exists apart from making a profit. It’s the answer to the most profound question your organisation faces: why? Your brand purpose should be dynamic and motivational. Your purpose encapsulates your brand’s impact on the lives of who you serve whether they are shareholders, customers or even the community at large.

Describes the desired destination towards where your brand is headed. Its vision should be lofty and even audacious. It’s the ideal world your brand wishes to bring about. Think of your vision as an inspirational story your brand leader would tell to rally the troops – a story that anyone could easily explain.

Your brand’s roadmap that charts the route of your vision by describing what it’s going to do, how it’s going to do it, who it’s doing it for and the values which motivates its actions. Your mission should be a confident assertion of your plan and bolster confidence in your brand’s expertise. It should elaborate on the promise the brand is making to its customers. It defines both the product and service you provide and the level of quality you are committed to providing.

Values are the principles on which your culture is founded – from moral, ethical and philosophical and alignment of internal and external values is vital. After all nothing is more important as the relationship between your brand and its customers as trust. And customers trust a brand that shares their values.

The values that inspire and motivate us at Red Dog:

Passionate: we bring eagerness to every project we take on which often results in something which clients love.

Imaginative: we refuse to accept run of the mill solutions for every creative brief. We are inventive and unconventional.

Collaborative: if there’s one thing we know it’s that we can’t do it alone. Being able to deliver and implement a brand we listen to our clients…..we listen to our clients, clients. We place the utmost value on open communication and a co-operative effort.

Fearless: we aren’t afraid to be bold. Safe, conservative and status quo for us only serve as guidelines for what not to do.

Excellence: Our standards are high. We settle for nothing less than exceptional and flawless in everything we try to do.

It’s important to remember that the brand compass does not represent the total positioning framework. These are the other elements such as brand personality, value propositions, competitive advantage and many more.

What it does represent is the core philosophy and beliefs of your brand.