You might be thinking “my brand is far too small to benefit from this”. But having a structured approach to your brand gives you a whole host of benefits. And it’s not just for multinational corporations. Regardless of size, effective brand architecture helps you target the needs of your specific customers.

  • Having one enables you to target your message so that each of your audiences hears what they
    want to hear and gets precisely what they’re looking for
  • When brands and sub-brands are constructed in a logical, intuitive way, your marketing efforts are
    more efficient
  • Nothing increases effectiveness of your brand positioning like clarity. Clearly articulating the
    names of your sub-brands and what they say to your customers is a kind of common sense really
  • You set the stage to easily add products and services as your brand grows
  • A well defined brand architecture is an aid to future growth, a reassuring signal for investors and
    employees alike
  • It ensures clarity and synergy between companies, divisions, products and services; only when the components which make up this entity are clearly defined and understood can they work together effectively toward a common objective
  • Enhances customer awareness of what you are offering and promotes cross selling
  • Maximises visibility and diversification in the market place
  • Builds and protects brand equity

The important thing to remember is the whole idea of brand architecture is to make your strategy clearer not more complicated.