The meaning of a brand is its most precious and irreplaceable asset whether you’re selling a soft drink or a good cause. What your brand means to someone is as every bit as important as the way it functions because it is meaning that tells us “this one feels right” or “this one’s for me”.

Let’s start with your logotype because it represents the foundation of your brand identity and some of the best echo ancient symbols.

The Nike Swoosh symbolises the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory as does the brand that bears her name.

Starbucks has the tailed mermaid who so the mythical story goes lured shipwrecked sailors to her island.

You might be forgiven for not recognising the first Apple Logo which featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath an apple tree waiting, I presume waiting for one to fall. I’m sure Steve Jobs knew nothing about the disciplines of brand identity and design when he first started out but it didn’t take him long to find out.