A brand promise is more than just a ‘Tagline’.

The reason safety works well for Volvo is because it’s more than just a ‘Tagline’, it’s a promise customers know it will keep.

Volvo’s pledge is that its cars give you a better chance of surviving an accident than any other model of car. It’s consistency over many decades has allowed Volvo to take ownership of the concept ‘SAFETY’ (of course with a little help from a huge advertising budget).

Your brand promise is a commitment to your customers
Volvo’s commitment to ‘SAFETY’ is a brand promise that runs through every facet of the organisation. It’s much more than a ‘Tagline’.
It’s the visceral link between your brand strategy (purpose, vision, mission and values) and your customers but until you make that profound commitment to your customers you haven’t made that final and most important connection. This commitment should be expressed in every story you tell whether as a ‘Tagline’, on social media, through advertising and beyond.

The qualities of a strong brand promise
Authentic: customers know a genuine promise when they see one. Your brand promise should be borne out its brand purpose, true to its values and inspired by its mission and vision.

Compelling: it must pledge something that matters to its customer and should solve a problem in an unexpected way.

Unique: for a brand promise to be effective, it must be distinctive and should reinforce your brand position by distinguishing it as the only provider of a uniquely effective service.

Memorable: a good brand promise is something which stays with customers; something they will be reminded of when they encounter that unique problem that your brand proposes to solve.

Believable: your customers must believe that it can deliver every time on its promise.

Clear: a brand promise must be plainly articulated and clearly understood.

The final and most important part of every brand promise
Referring to the six essential qualities will ensure that your brand is strong enough to serve as an agreement between it and its customers. But there’s one more final element that every brand promise must meet before it can be truly effective.

The most important measure of every effective brand promise is that it’s kept – every time. A promise, as we all know is only good if it is consistently delivered.

Brands that keep their promise strengthen both the promise itself as well as customer loyalty it creates.

Brands that stand for something larger than what they sell have become irreplaceable in the mind of the consumer. So remember, you don’t have to become the next IKEA to achieve cult-like brand loyalty.

All it takes is what you do best for your best customers.

A few notable brand promises:

FedEx: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Nike: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

LiveTours: “The Art of Communication.”