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We believe that a successful business and brand strategy are inseparable. The brand process is vital regardless of the size of your company, large or small because having a brand strategy is a key business differentiator. Successful brands are championed by everyone, paid attention, change with the times, inspire loyalty and most important of all, create wealth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a micro-brewery or a global logistics company, if you follow a simple set of rules you can become a powerful and successful brand.

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If you want to build a successful and sustainable business you have to understand what it is that drives your story. And when we say story we don’t just mean narrative. Your story is the foundation of your brand and a strategy for future growth. It goes beyond what’s written in the copy on your website. Rather it is every choice you make from the advertising you run to the staff you hire. When your business is story driven it is grounded in a framework of purpose, vision and values.

Depending on which research you follow there are about 36 plots in fictional stories which are characterised by a protagonist’s inner conflict with someone or something that needs to be changed in their world. James Dyson didn’t just invent a vacuum cleaner he started a revolution, making the impossible possible.

But back to the story. It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘how to’ of telling your brand story and even easier to believe that the primary reason for telling it is to sell more. But brand storytelling is primarily about belonging because people like to belong – that they are part of the story and can own it. The brands we really love are the ones that make a difference to us. They make us feel that we belong, that we are part of their story and they a part of ours.