Whether you’re the Marketing Director of a large organisation or the Business Owner of a fast growing company and in need of a brand refresh or a rebrand then you’ve got some big decisions to make. The big question goes something like this: why do we need to hire a branding agency? Can’t our current marketing agency or our internal marketing team handle

To answer these questions it’s important to start with an understanding of what specifically branding is and what it’s not.

Branding is not marketing (and Vice Versa)
Branding and marketing are two entirely interdependent and distinct areas of expertise. Neither one is more valuable than the other but the differences between them are important.

Branding defines who you are as a company by asking the big questions:

  • Why are you in business apart from making money?
  •  What are company’s mission, vision and core values?
  •  Who is your ideal customer and what do they buy from you?
  •  What is your company’s desired marketing position?
  • What’s your brand promise and how do you keep it?
  • What is your brand essence?

Branding defines your company at its most fundamental level by answering these important questions. By contrast, marketing gives you the tools to communicate the answers to these questions to your audiences. Branding is the big picture strategy which effective marketing campaigns are built on.

A strategic unbiased perspective
Rebranding isn’t the type of initiative that you’d expect from an accomplished internal marketing team. A rebrand requires a strategic approach and of course an unbiased perspective. A branding agency’s ability to create a big picture analysis of your organisation from an objective perspective is what allows it to bring your brand to life in a dynamic way.

Experience across many industry sectors
Most branding agencies offer the benefit of working across a broad cross section of industries whereas an internal marketing team is normally specialists in a given industry. Experience across a wide section of industries is a positive not a negative which often lead to a fresh and innovative perspective. Branding also requires a broader understanding of
what goes on around it, financially, politically, socially and culturally.

Unique and proven experience
A branding agency offers a unique set of skills you wouldn’t expect to find in a digital
marketing agency or indeed from your internal marketing team. Research is critical to
rebranding, from an understanding of the market to gaining customer perceptions within a
specific industry. Only this expertise can provide the necessary big picture required to
identify opportunities for differentiation in highly competitive markets.
Finally, the type of design expertise is essential when creating powerful corporate identities.
When you hire the right branding agency you get a team of designers that specialise in
delivering solutions which are founded on research and strategy.
Ongoing brand management
A branding agency’s value remains long after your rebrand is complete because no one
understands your brand better than the agency you partner with. For a business whose
model doesn’t include a brand manager a branding agency can serve just as that ensuring
it’s reliably maintained well into the future.
“Brand is everything and everything is brand.” Dan Pallotta
This might sound as a lofty assertion but in many ways it’s true. It’s how your company is
perceived by its customers, its employees, its shareholders and the world at large. At a time
when perception is everything your brand is your most important asset, so don’t you think it’s
important to partner with an expert?