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We believe that a successful business and brand strategy are inseparable. The brand process is vital regardless of the size of your company, large or small because having a brand strategy is a key business differentiator. Successful brands are championed by everyone, paid attention, change with the times, inspire loyalty and most important of all, create wealth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a micro-brewery or a global logistics company, if you follow a simple set of rules you can become a powerful and successful brand.

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Earth Mortgages //
A story from me this time, showing how a brand name can be a gift. Read more…
Earth Finance was already established in the sub-prime loan market but they had a brand problem.


The characteristics of loan companies were seen as having more similarities than differences. Operating from ‘call centres’, advertising was their route to market which was a medium that people treated with some scepticism. They were for people who couldn’t get a loan from anywhere else. Customers said that advertising in the sector was much of a muchness, it was all the same.


It was out of the blue that I received a phone call from the managing director asking for advice.


I suggested the first brand decision was to take a good look at what the customers thought of Earth Finance.


The name Earth was seen as a huge positive. It had innate values which offered the opportunity to segment it from the competition.


The visual image of Earth had wholesale recognition. It suggested strength, solidity, wholesomeness, honesty, straightforwardness and a great place from which to start. Universal appeal. The task was to build awareness and recognition in a way that added something to the brand.


The second important decision was for Earth to take a good hard look at how it operated as a business. As part of the process they agreed to define their core values.


It was not so much the values themselves that would set the business apart but the way in which they would implement them. The management team consulted widely on defining the values and fully immersed themselves in making them more than just words on a page. They committed fully to bringing them to life in real and tangible ways. This involved behavioural change throughout the entire organisation and would become a long term strategy.


The third and most important brand decision was to agree to change the name. Earth Mortgages was reborn.