Insightful research, brand strategy, creative thinking

Successful brands are created when insightful thinking and creativity is married to a robust understanding both of the organisation and its audiences. Red Dog ensures that this understanding is embedded in the brand development process. We integrate closely with your business plan to ensure that brand plays a powerful and positive role in its delivery. We work to explain and evaluate your market to provide a rigorous understanding of your ‘customer’ and how your brand story fits in with their lives.

Our insights then act as a catalyst for brand development ideas that maximise opportunity whilst focusing on long-term brand growth. But most of all Red Dog develop brand strategies that are rooted in truth:

• True to you
• True to your stakeholders
• True to the market environment
• True to your audiences
• True to the real opportunities, challenges and risk

Once your brand context has been framed by our research and insight activity, Red Dog has extensive expertise in building all the components of a brand to fulfil its potential as a long-term business asset sitting at the heart of your organisation.


where brand authenticity is born, a process of partnership where we unlock the essence of your brand. It defines purpose, positioning and differentiation and is a product of your vision, mission and values as well as an in depth understanding of those you serve.


defining the right brand character, personality and tone of voice that reveal who you are and speaks to the audiences you want to influence.


your brand identity is its face to the world. It’s the first and most important connection you have with your customers. Good design advances brand strategy by making that connection profound. It makes your visual identity its most visceral language.


the art of storytelling is the vehicle that delivers your brand to the world. It’s the environment for living, breathing touch points. It’s your brand’s authentic narrative, a unique interplay of words and images that express uniquely who you are.


a system built on a solid foundation of customer awareness, preference and experience enabling you to target the specific needs of specific customer segments while increasing the flexibility for future product development.


the critical process of ensuring that your brand experience is consistent, fresh, dynamic and reliably managed well into the future.