Building a brand is in part about taking a position in the market which is not occupied by someone else and unless you take a clear position in the market, chances are you won’t succeed as a brand.

It’s not enough to say you are better because what’s better for you may not be better for someone else. As a branding approach this simply won’t do.

Positioning is the space you occupy in the minds and hearts of your customers relative to the competition. Your brand doesn’t exist in a vacuum because there are always other players around you. You need to occupy that vacant space and not someone else’s.

That’s the key problem with saying you’re ‘better than everyone else’ because it’s an absolute term as opposed to a relative one and is, in effect completely meaningless.

When you have a solid brand position your will gain a number of advantages

  • It sets you apart from the competition
  • Identifies your brand assets
  • Helps you focus on a specific target market

What makes you different?