Creative Industries Programme

(CIP) was set up by Stoke-on-Trent Council to stimulate enterprise development and create an environment where creative industries could thrive. Market research revealed that a younger target audience remained largely unaware of the initiative and how they could benefit from it.
The challenge was to raise awareness of the programme to this target audience which required a re-think of the brand and how it would be communicated.

The Brief
Establish an overall brand positioning, naming exercise and brand identity. The overall objective was to provide the business initiative with the support that enabled development of a clear brand strategy, visual steer on the brand, product and communication direction.

Our Response
Using market intelligence, telephone interviews with stake holders and staff workshops we established the components of the brand strategy. This involved the development of the brand purpose: ‘To create new and exciting markets, a vibrant destination for everyone involved in the creative process to work’. The brand personality was defined as: ‘Young, creative, innovative, exciting, aspirational and pioneering’. A set of brand values was created: ‘Inspirational, expert knowledge, open and transparent, shared learning, and empowering’. Its brand essence would be summed up as: ‘An exciting 21st century hub empowering people in the creative industries to live and work’.
The brand naming exercise needed to make an emotional connection to the target audience but without forgetting the meaning and purpose behind the CIP brand. It would also have to make a connection with its manufacturing heritage. A series of names were suggested and verified against published trademark information.

The name ‘Factory’ was chosen: Antithesis of creative – says firm, strong reliable, industry, productive, manufacture; resonance with Stoke-on-Trent’s industrial heritage; distinctive exciting, creative, snappy, smart and relevant to the sector