J E Wilsons

How do you celebrate 100 years of being one of the original suppliers of Kendal Mint Cake?
Well, how about a brand new range of chocolates for the seasonal and every day market.

This would include filled and solid bars, novelty shapes, enrobed fruit and nuts and truffle balls with a variety of fillings including praline and liqueur centres. Beans imported from the equatorial regions of Africa, Asia and South America guarantee that they only make the finest quality chocolate.

The final part of the jig saw was to create a new brand name ‘Creative Confectionery’ was chosen against a list of suggestions.

The Brief
J E Wilsons wanted to raise their awareness and be a key supplier of specialist chocolate in the mid-price range sector.

Our Response
Our approach was to create a 360 degree picture of the competition together with intelligence and competitive brand analysis. The process would involve developing a brand positioning expressed as a positioning statement: ‘Passionate about Chocolate’:
‘A Thousand and One Ways with Chocolate’: ‘Innovative Chocolatiers to the Trade’: ‘One Hundred Years in the Making’. The brand personality was defined as: Passionate, sexy, innovative, creative and fun.
Based on these conclusions and capitalising on the brand’s heritage Red Dog developed a provocative national trade press campaign designed to gain maximum brand awareness and take up with potential customers.