Entrepreneur, Peter Van de Laan was working for one of the world’s largest media tour producers and saw that tour guides were still using outdated analogue systems. His idea was a simple one; a real time phone connection downloadable to any smart phone or tablet all connected to one, simple network. It would be the first live digital interaction between the tour guide and the visitor.

Red Dog was commissioned to carry out research and analysis of visitor engagement of the primary target market; the museum environment but more specifically the needs of different target groups and their experiences. It would also include competitor analysis; the systems they used and their response to the growth of digital communication and social media. Based on these findings we concluded that there was an opportunity to develop a much improved system of communication and enhanced visitor experience.

The Response
We held a series of workshops to establish the DNA of the Live Tours brand. This would include the brand purpose, vision, mission, values, personality and positioning.

Brand Purpose: Change the way audiences receive information about museums and works of art; Mission: Inspire audiences to learn more about museum artefacts and their stories; Vision: Enhancing the visitor experience; Values: Empowering, innovative, inclusive, and trendsetting; Personality: Challenging the out dated way of communicating with visitors

Product Benefit/Brand Attributes
Transformative: inspires audiences to gain more knowledge: Functional: information that is more accessible to visitors and more cost effective for museums and tour guides: Emotional::enlightenment, enrichment and educational.

Positioning Statement: The Art of Communication