Open Source Brewing

Jonathan Hughes the Managing Director of Great Orme Brewery came to us with a unique business idea. It would be designed to run in parallel with his traditional brand but be completely autonomous. It would have no geographical boundary; its guiding principles would be openly shared; all aspects of brewing methods, recipes and ingredients and force innovation would remain at the cutting edge of the market.

The Method
The brand process began with a study of the beer market and included potential audience segments, pricing, style and location. With these insights we carried out a series of workshops to identify what we refer to as the ‘brand pillars’. This would become the compass, or the lens through which Jonathan would evaluate every brand and business decision.

Brand mission: To openly share all aspects of the brewing process. Brand values: innovation through openness, integrity of the product and constant product renewal. Brand Position: a beer for every taste. Brand personality: aspirational but above all fun.