Stoke-on-Trent County Council

The Council wanted to commission an agency to develop and design a unique and informative sculpture trail which enhanced the city’s reputation as a centre of regional cultural significance. The trail would help to place the city’s public art infrastructure in context and enable visitors to navigate around and engage with the important works of art in the city.

The Brief
The trail would be both web based together with a hard copy pullout version which could be popped into a bag or pocket. It would include images, biographies, onsite information via QR codes and Geocache trails. Red Dog was successful in securing the business alongside Jackson Hammond, a local graphic design company.

Our Response
As part of our proposal we recommended a market research study to inform the Council on the brand, website, booklet, signage and the interpretation of the sculpture trail. Focus groups and interviews with stake holders, existing and potential visitors, consumer groups and local artists were held over a three month period to inform and validate the development of the trail.

Further consultations were held with the Council and the project team to present the findings. A short list of preferred designs were reworked and presented to focus groups comprising both potential and existing visitors to the new trail. The results led to a brand identity being rolled out across all the materials.