The Explorer Brand

In a bid to expand, the Great Orme Brewery made a decision to relocate to a bigger space. The brewery did its big reinvention back in January of this year and as part of the process decided to carry out a major rebrand. It’s a well known fact that the name should indicate what the brewery is and what it does. They wanted a name that was about North Wales. People come to see the natural scenery so they wanted their beers to be of that place too with a geographical reference. It’s no coincidence that they already brew Summit Blonde IPA, Nomad All Night Stout and Base Camp Session Pale. Enter Snowdon Craft Brewery.’
In a meeting with the Managing Director, Jonathan Hughes and Red Dog we discussed the possibility of uncovering the positioning of the brand through the lens of one of twelve archetypes. It’s through this lens that we view enduring brand stories

In branding terms delivering the message through one of them ignites a certain emotional aspect within us. The twelve archetypes are The Innocent, The Regular Guy or Girl, The Explorer, The Sage, The Hero, The Outlaw, The Magician, The Lover, The Jester, The Caregiver, The Creator and The Ruler.

After careful consideration Jonathan decided that the Explorer Archetype would best express the brand’s personality and positioning.

The Explorer brand represents the wanderer; the individualist; they are non conformist and pioneering and for use in the great outdoors or in dangerous settings. It is for those who want to differentiate themselves from a regular guy or girl brand. Brands that have an explorer culture create new and exciting products or services.

A perfect fit for ‘Snowdon Craft Brewery’ it would seem.

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