Uskees is a global on line retail business producing a range of authentic, hard wearing clothing for the next generation of workwear.
The brand process began with a study of the denim market with emphasis on work wear. This would include multiple audience segments together with a review of the main players in the market.

With these insights we facilitated a series of workshops to confirm and clarify the brand’s mission, vision, values and purpose.
Mission: ‘An evergreen approach to manufacture but with a no-compromise attitude to the integrity of the product’.
Vision: ‘To become the global destination for ‘bib and brace clothing’.
Brand values: ‘Exciting, innovative, heritage, anti-establishment with a smile.
Brand purpose’: To produce a value for money product which is durable, authentic and built for purpose’.
The brand personality was defined as young, fashionable, fresh, cool and quirky.

Based on these outcomes we created a number of potential positioning lines: ‘Made for Life’ was chosen: says clothes made to live in whatever you are doing whether hard at work, relaxing or having fun.

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