An on line retail business producing a range of stylish, hard wearing and functional clothing designed for the 21st century worker.

Uskees strive for nothing short of the exceptional and flawless in everything they do. They produce a value for money range of 100% organic clothing. Their philosophy is grounded in authenticity, durability, functionality and attention to detail. This is expressed in the design and manufacture of every garment they make. The product’s understated style aims to make the wearer feel purposeful, reassured and acts as a reminder of its heritage.

The Brief
As the company continues to expand they sought to reposition brand for future growth. Red Dog was commissioned to develop a brand strategy and brand identity for its online presence.

Our Response
The brand process began with a study of the denim market with an emphasis on work wear. This would include multiple audience segments together with a review of their major competitors.

With these insights we facilitated a series of workshops to confirm and clarify Uskees brand purpose, mission and vision. Purpose: The ‘Human Touch’ is at the centre of everything Uskees aims to be from how they value their people to how they create and deliver value to those they serve. Mission: To equip the new workforce by respecting the spirit of the product, its heritage, function and style. Vision: To be a global destination for the next generation of heritage style urban work wear.

A set of brand values was created: ‘Equality, passionate, excellence and a commitment not just in terms of creating new products but adapting to changes in the environment to develop better products and services.

Uskees Brand Identity
Working in conjunction with Wayne Fearnley an independent graphic designer an identity was developed to reflect the brand personality: fresh, fashionable, versatile and colourful. The logotype was based on a bespoke stencil typeface inspired by the naval routes of denim designed to work as a mark of quality. The components of the logotype formed a versatile visual system, allowing components to work in a variety of forms from imagery and colour ways. The logo short hand icon was created for specific applications, for example for use on denim rivet buttons, social media, labels etc and would only be used where the full word mark was not appropriate.