A brand is a depository for meaning and value so if we are to identify and take advantage of this we must become fluent in the visual and verbal language of archetypes. For example, film stars and their continued popularity doesn’t just rely on the success of their latest film rather, it depends on continuously re-interpreting a unique and compelling identity.

Lady Gaga will change her lifestyles and hairstyles but always remains the outrageous rebel.  Off screen and on Jack Nicholson is always the bad boy outlaw. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan always imbue the spirit of a wide eyed innocent. These identities are compelling and always consistent. Is it important to reflect this emotional connection with your brand identity? You’re dead right it is!  So we were delighted to be asked to work with a denim fashion brand.

Uskees design their clothes to be comfortable, hard wearing and long lasting, their philosophy is simple, a value for money product that’s durable, authentic and built for purpose. Being the new kid on the block its brand personality represents the classic David v Goliath story and we all love the challenger who, in a weaker position seeks to defeat the enemy. Its logo was designed in the form of a stencil typeface, a stamp of quality; fresh, fashionable and versatile with the use of colour. The photographic style was chosen to align with the company’s values, tell the right story and most importantly differentiate it from the competition.

Graphic Design: Wayne Fernley