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We believe that a successful business and brand strategy are inseparable. The brand process is vital regardless of the size of your company, large or small because having a brand strategy is a key business differentiator. Successful brands are championed by everyone, paid attention, change with the times, inspire loyalty and most important of all, create wealth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a micro-brewery or a global logistics company, if you follow a simple set of rules you can become a powerful and successful brand.

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It’s a well known fact that superstars in the film industry and the agents who manage them understand that their continued popularity is not just dependent on a film’s success, rather it depends on creating, nourishing and continuously re-interpreting a unique and compelling ‘meaning’.

Lady Ga Ga might change her lifestyles and hairstyles but she’s always the outrageous ‘Rebel’. On and off screen Jack Nicholson is the bad boy ‘Outlaw’. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, in almost every role imbue the wide eyed ‘Innocent’. OJ Simpson’s story fits the classic mould of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, the ‘Warrior’ undone by his own jealous rage. When news stories break that somehow mysteriously grab us in some version of ‘Once upon a time….’ a mythical tale is acted out in real life. The death of J F Kennedy – the story evoked deeply held human beliefs; the family curse; the redemptive power of the sacrifice of the most perfect man of our time.
Source: The Hero and the Outlaw Mark/Pearson

The moral is, ‘Once you have a story, you’re going to need a messenger because people connect with other people, not to faceless brands’.