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In Europe’s biggest cities the war between cyclists and motorists is raging. Whether it’s London, Paris or Amsterdam, cyclists suffer from noise, pollution and of course cars. So Veloretti, an independent bike brand has decided to become the voice of the silent sufferers.

Now if you think about it, cycling makes sense on every level except one and that of course is the war between bikes and cars. When a car brushes past a cyclist you are likely to hear a whole tirade of vile expletives, which is precisely the message Veloretti decided to convey in its latest film.

Veloretti mixes technology with cycling to prove that bikes are the future. The film follows a programmer cycling through Amsterdam while a computer tracks his location in real time. The founder of Veloretti said “We started the company not just to create the ultimate riding experience, but because we believe in cycling as the sustainable mode of transport and hope to encourage people all over the world to take up cycling.”