Red Dog are proven specialists across the disciplines of strategic branding

Brand inspiration

Ensuring your team understands the importance of brand and its principles

Brand definition

Researching and refining what your brand story means to your audiences

Brand strategy

Clarifying your brand values and architecture to claim a unique market position

Brand implementation

Making your brand real in all its manifestations, from customer strategies to visual identity

Brand training

Planning and delivery brand training for every part of your organisation

Brand Identity

Executing the visual identity of your brand across all collateral

Red Dog have been called ‘brand fanatics’, and it’s true that we believe absolutely that brand strategy and organisational success are inseparable.

For us brand lies at the centre of competitive advantage: brand is the strategic driver of the 21st Century organisations, from charities and places to SMEs and corporates. For winning organisations in any sector, brand is no longer a subset of marketing, but represents strategic purpose and meaning.

Our job for you is to help to reveal the authentic power of your brand, to bring it to life for all your audiences (internal as well as external), and to ensure that it truly expresses what makes you distinct from the competition, and compellingly appealing to your market.

Public organisations, SME’s as well as places and destinations, and commercial organisations of all sizes, have engaged with Red Dog for expert advice and implementation. We are always keen to have an informal conversation about your strategic brand ambitions.